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   Function of drone

    . Six axis gyro, it will be more stable and easy to control.

    . 4 channels, front, back, left, right, up, down

    . One key rolling, 360 degree spinning, 4 directions rolling

    . Speed mode: Low/High Speed

    . With LED Light, Without LED Light

    . One key auto-return

    . Take photo/video function

    . FPV Real time transmission

     More new function update all the time

   Structure of drone

    . Blades, protective circle / motor protection device (frame buffer), landing gear, motor;

    . Circuit board: Is there a short circuit protection, anti-jamming and the like;

    . Battery: detachable or not, internal battery or external battery (replaceable);

    . Camera: Pixel 0.3MP, 2MP;5MP internal or external, or without camera.

    . Memory Card: 2G, 4G, etc.

    . Charge devices: charger or USB cable;


   How to find out the problem if the drone do not work well?

    How to do when the blades, protective ring or shell damage?

     . Blade damaged is inevitable, because the drone always encounter obstacles during flight; 

     . Each drone package will be equipped with replaceable blades, you can replace them by yourself;

     . You can buy some extra accessories, such as blades, not only can extend the life of drone,also can tied sale, the business opportunities.

    What shall I do when drone fly unstable?

     . Restore Factory Settings

     . Trim by controller

     . Check the revolving speed

    How to do if motors work slowly or stop working?

     . Flying time is too long?--- Need to get it rest

     . Blades get stuck? ---Keep them clean.

     . Dropped down frequently that makes motor broken? --- Notice that different item is good for different crowd.

     . PCB is broken---Buy a new one or provide repair assistance.

    The drone only can fly 6-8mins with 1 battery, how to extend its flying time? 

     . Purchase the extra battery to extend the flying time, can replace battery asap.

     . Purchase the extra battey and sell with rc drone together, increase profit.


   How to select suitable drone?

    . According with customer’s feedback informations, like main products (toys/electronics),position (low/mid/high level), and selling price range ect.

    . Sales model,like supermarket, retail store, wholesale, or On line e-commerce?

    . Competetor main products, so that we can offer you more competitive products.

    . The age range of target customer group

    . The main use of drone

    . Applicable field (indoor/outdoor)


   Why they are with similar size but huge difference in price?

    . Different battery and motor quality make cost different.

    . Different PCB quality makes cost different.

    . Different material/function also make cost different.


   As the same items why bricstar price is higher?

    . Bricstar customized different design products, the price is different from ordinary market rc drone.

    . Our company keep the strictly and professional to testing and check the produce the inspection cost.      

      But it can reduce the bad product quantity and for the customer to reduce cost.

    . The rc drone with camera,we are also with 4GSD CARD,card reader. And more factory are not remark with SD card and card reader.

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